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Since 1996, Wetlands has been at the forefront of the fight against the fur trade. Every year 40,000 animals are killed for their fur through cruel methods including neck breaking, trapping, and anal and genital electrocution. New York City is the most important city in the US to the fur industry, home to industry journals, designers, raw pelt sellers, and hundreds of retail outlets.
More fur is sold in New York than in any other American city. Wetlands has demonstrated against fur sales at hotels, individual fur stores, pro-fur propaganda in the New York Times, and the sale of "peripheral' fur items like ear muffs and fur coats by ritzy Fifth Avenue stores. Wetlands has organized numerous actions against the fur trade, both on our own and in conjunction with the Animal Defense League, Friends of Animals, and other groups.

Boycott Macy's
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Along with dozens of other groups around the country, we are actively working to end the sale of fur by Federated Department Stores, including Macy's, Stern's, Bloomingdales, Rich's, Lazarus, Goldsmith, The Bon Marche, Burdines, and the Fingerhut website, In New York City, Wetlands and ADL have waged a high-profile campaign against Macy's, the largest fur retailer in the Federated chain, including hundreds of demonstrations, almost a dozen civil disobedience actions, extensive print, radio, and television media coverage, and distribution of close to 100.000 flyers, collection of tens of thousands of petition signatures. For more information visit

Photos from a recent Boycott Macy's protest:

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Fur District Campaign
In a small section of Manhattan bordered by 30th Street on the West side, 6th Avenue on the East, 27th Street, on the south and 8th Avenue on the West lies the heart of an industry that views suffering, torture, and death as marketable commodities.

Animal Defense League members blockade the entrance of The New York Fur Center at 333 7th Avenue to mark Fur Free Friday 1999. For more details on this event, click here.

The Fur District is the home of dozens of fur businesses, from retailers to pelt suppliers, from trade publications to public relations entities. As the fur industry continues to crumble, the landlords of the buildings in the district are looking to diversify their tenant to businesses with a more stable future. The Fur District Campaign will work to hasten that trend by being a constant presence in the fur district demonstrations, direct actions, and other events. Our goal is to drive the furriers out of midtown Manhattan, and strike a blow against the entire industry by destroying its epicenter.
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