Political Action for Animals
New York City
Making Laws to Liberate Animals!

Political Action for Animals is a new effort to build a grassroots constituent movement to demand accountability on animal issues from our elected officials, make significant gains for animals within the legislative arena, and to use the political process as a means to raise awareness of the oppression of nonhuman animals.

We intend to mimic the strategies of opposition groups like the hunting lobby and to mobilize NYC voters in defense of animals through:

  • Endorsements and public recognition of pro-animal elected officials (e,g, NY State Assemblyman Pete Grannis) and anti-endorsements and public denunciation of anti-animal officials (e,g, NY State Assembly Majority Leader Michael Bragman).
  • An educational website featuring scorecards ranking elected officials records on animal issues, strategy guides on electoral/legislative activism, and information on current state, federal, and city bills on animal issues.
  • Neighborhood chapters that will lobby their local officials, particicipate in endorsements, and participate in electoral campaigns to make sure that pro-animal candidates win critical seats.
  • Networking with animal activiists in other cities and states to expand our legislative power base throughout the nation.
  • Skills trainings for animal activists from experienced political campaigners and lobbyists.