Home Depot Victory!

Home Depot is the world's largest retailer of old growth rainforest wood (wood from previously unlogged rainforests) After being targeted by one of the most significant campaigns in the environmental movement's history In New York, Wetlands, the Federal Lands Action Group, and Rainforest Relief have been hammering home the message that old growth destruction will not be tolerated with a hard hitting campaign demonstrations and civil disobedience at Home Depot store openings and as part of national days of action.

Recently Home Depot announced that they will phase out the sale of wood from environmentally sensitive areas by 2002. While this announcement is a MAJOR victory, we remain vigilant in order to keep Home Depot to its word, and will be working to educate store managers to facilitate the changeover to more sustainably harvested wood

Analysis of the Home Depot Victory

Forest Action Network Response to Home Depot Announcements

Leaders of the Anti-Home Depot Campaign:



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