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Wetlands hosts weekly informational forums called "eco-saloons" on a wide range of issues, featuring invited guest speakers, videos, campaign updates, announcements of upcoming events, and letter writing. Eco-Saloons are always held on Tuesdays at 7pm. Meetings follow a four week cycle pattern, every Tuesday of the month representing a different topic.

1st Tuesday of every month: Wetlands Rainforest Action Group: Learn the latest information on campaigns to defend tropical and temperate rainforests around the world! Hosted by Tim Keating, Executive Director of Rainforest Relief and Wetlands Rainforest Campaigner.

2nd Tuesday of every month: Human Rights Defense Forum: profiling action around a wide range of human rights issues, both in the United States and abroad, including the struggles around racism, police brutality sweatshops, the prison industrial complex, political prisoners, indigenous rights, third world debt, globalization, environmental racism, corporate support for military dictatorships, the death penalty, nuclear weapons, genital mutilation of women and children, US militarism, and many other issues. Hosted by Cindy Rosin.

3rd Tuesday of every month : North American Wilderness Forum: activists address threats to north America's wildlands: forests, deserts, wetlands, praries, and more! Also addresses are other North American environmental issues like the recent aerial pesticide spraying in the NY metropolitan area, nuclear energy, and nuclear waste storage and transport. Hosted by Therese Chorun, Wetlands' Domestic Wilderness Campaigner

4th Tuesday of every month: Animal Rights Forum: advancing the revolutionary ideology of animal liberation,which asserts that nonhuman animals deserve a level of moral consideration EQUAL to the level we afford our fellow human beings, and that we are thus obligated to end the exploitation of nonhuman animals in research laboratories, factory farms, ranches, circuses, zoos, biology classes, and more! Hosted by Adam Weissman
For information on upcoming Wetlands Animal Rights Forums, click here

5th Tuesday (every few months): Special Events! Covering issues that don't fall into any of four topic areas or address several of the four topics. Fifth Tuesday forums have addressed topics like direct action and violations of the human rights of environmental activists. Contact us with ideas for fifth Tuesday forums.

For a schedule of this month's eco-saloons and other events, click here.