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Internship FAQ

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Internship Application

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Is there an issue, task, or specific project you'd like to work on (including the internship described in detail above or one of the internships described below this application)?
Do you have prior volunteer, intern, or activist experience? Please describe
Do you have any prior paid work experience? Please describe
What is/are your major(s)/minor(s) in school?
Are you affiliated with any other activist organization? Which one(s)?
Do you have any special skills? Describe them
When will you begin your internship/community service?
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What days and at what times will you be interning?
Why do you want to intern at Wetlands?

The following questions are ONLY for those who will be using this internship for academic credit or to satisfy a school requirement:

Who is your internship advisor at school?
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School Street Address, City, State, Zip
Is there a mandatory number of hours you must complete to fulfill your school's requirement? If yes, how many?
Does your school consider the program by which you will be working at Wetlands Service Learning, an internship, or community service?
What requirements do you have to complete for your school as part of your internship/service learning/community service? (a paper, a presentation, a portfolio, etc)? When does this need to be completed by?
Does Wetlands need to do anything in order to allow you to intern here (fill out forms for your school, etc.) at the beginning of your internship/service learning/community service?
Does your school require anything of Wetlands at the END of your internship (timesheets, an evaluation, a grade, etc)?