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Basic Information
Internship FAQ

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Internship Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a paid internship?
A: Unfortunately, Wetlands internships are unpaid. However, employment within the Wetlands nightclub is sometimes a possibility for interns (coat check, concessions, etc.), and due to the very flexible hours of Wetlands internships, finding an ethical part-time job is not difficult (e.g. walking dogs, waiting tables at vegan restaurant). Paying activist positions at other organizations are often posted in our office for people looking for paying work during or subsequent to their internships.

Q: Do you have summer internships?
A: Internships are available year-round.

Q: What are prerequisites for internships?
A: Prerequisites vary for different internships, but some internship is available for everyone. People with a wide range of skills and experience work cooperatively at Wetlands, and one of our major goals is to build experienced activists.

Q: What if I am not sure which internship I want to apply for?
A: Most Wetlands interns begin as general interns and only decide on a special project later, as we are are able to find a project appropriate the interns skills and interests. Applying for a specialized internship is an option, not a requirement.

Q: Is there a minimum age?
A: People of all ages are welcome to intern at Wetlands.

Q: How many hours are required?
A: Wetlands has no set number of required hours. Of course, intern tasks will be defined by the time commitment an individual is willing or able to make. Some intern positions can be split between several people during a given time period, in order to complete all the work required for the position and at the same time accommodate interns' time limitations.

Q: Is housing provided for interns?
A: At this time, Wetlands cannot guarantee housing for interns. However, we are currently investigating housing possibilities on a case-by-case basis. Let us know when you are interested in interning and we will attempt to arrange housing if necessary.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Email, mail, or fax (email is preferred) us your completed internship application, including good times to conduct a telephone interview. If you don't hear from us within one week, give us a call at (212) 966-4831 on Mondays through Fridays 11AM-8PM, to ensure that your application was received, and we will complete a telephone interview on the spot if it is at all possible

Q: Should I mail out a resume?
A: Resumes are appreciated, but not required. However, filling out our internship application IS required

Q: Is Wetlands primarily a wetlands preservation group?
A : Surprisingly, very little of our work relates to wetlands preservation. The name Wetlands Preserve come from the name of the nightclub that is our fiscal sponsor and base of operations.Primarily, we are a multi-issue, action-oriented group addressing a wide range of environmental, human rights, and animal rights issues. Wetlands preservation IS occasionally addressed within our North American wilderness program, and as interns and volunteers have a strong role in defining the organizations work, a person with a strong interest in Wetlands issues many be able to address them through a Wetlands internship. For those interested in visiting wetlands while interning, the New Jersey meadowlands, seriously threatened by development, are just a twenty minute bus ride away.

Q: Is Wetlands a hands-on field research group?
A: Wetlands is first and foremost an organization devoted to public education and action. While field work is important, we feel it is also important to communicate information to the masses and pressure the corporations and governments responsible for environmental, and human and animal rights abuses. Occasionally, we do take field trips to places like the Allegheny National Forest to appreciate the wilderness and witness firsthand the destruction wrought by environmentally destructive industries, and interns are welcome to organize such trips