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Animal Rights Recent Actions

Giant Fox, Thousands of Macy's Customers Demand an End to Macy's Sale of Fur

On Sunday, February 12, at King's Plaza Macy's, members of The Brooklyn Animal Defense League presented an 8 foot tall, 20 foot long cardboard "fox" covered head to tail in signed petitions demanding that Macy's stop selling fur. The petitions, collected at dozens of protests, represent the signatures of thousands of Macy's customers who have committed to boycott the store until they stop selling fur.

Over the last five years, animal rights activists in cities around the nation have collected tens of thousands of petitions during hundreds of demonstrations from Macy's consumers demanding that the chain end its sale of fur.

According to Gaby Cryan, "These petitions, collected right outside of Macy's stores, represent thousands of potential shoppers outraged that Macy's continues to cause suffering and death to thousands of animals through their sale of fur." The petitions mounted on the fox represent only a fraction of those collected by animal rights activists at Macy's over the last four years. According to Cryan, "If we had constructed a fox big enough to hold every petition we've collected, it would fit around the entire mall."

Every year, 40 million animals are killed for their fur. 75 % of animals killed for fur are raised in intensive confinement in tiny wire cages on factory-style fur farms where they are susceptible to disease and heatstroke. Cannibalism and self-mutilation are common, as the animals are driven insane by the frustration of fundamental instincts and desires in confinement.

The other 25% are captured in painful traps in the wild, which break bones, rip flesh and tendons, crush internal organs, but often do not actually kill the animals, leaving them in terror and agony for days until the trappers come along and kills them, often by stomping on their lungs.

Killing methods are even more cruel, including genital and anal electrocution, crude neckbreaking, lung stomping, strangulation, forced suffocation, crushing of internal organs in traps, painful lethal injections, hypothermia, drowning, and countless other cruel methods. No federal, state, or local laws regulate the treatment or methods of killing animals raised for fur.

With chapters in 25 cities and four countries, the Animal Defense League is an internationally active grassroots organization working to inform the public about animal exploitation and abuse. Through community outreach, networking, legislation, public education, vocal demonstrations, and civil disobedience, we speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.